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Posted on: May 7, 2012 12:59 pm

Tidbits - Dumb & Dumber

Not being a Phillie fan, I really have no sense of what Cole Hamels is all about.  From the outside looking in he seems like a guy that is all about the money and getting the respect that he (as well as a lot of athletes) believes comes with it.  (I mean how much you make has everything to do about what kind of person you are, right?)  So when he obviously hits Bryce Harper in the back last night I really didn't know if there was a build up to this or not.  As it turns out I guess Cole was just sending Bryce a message that he doesn't like the way he plays.  Cole was going old school on he's ass (or back as the case may be).  At some level I'm fine with this although I'm starting to think that Cole may have one of the biggest egos in the world (next to Bryce, of course).  But then this morning I read that Cole admits to hitting him on purpose!  A+ for honesty but come on...you do know you'll get suspended, right?  I guess the Phillies are leading the division by so much the team is good with this (side note to self, please check division standings as I'm not really sure the Phillies are in first).  Just dumb.  I know Cole is a free-agent this offseason and there is some talk about my Rangers being a destination.  I think I would pass.  We've had the Kevin Brown's and the Kenny Rogers'...and this just seems like more of the same.

I'm not a huge Mavericks fan.  I want them to win but I grew up a Lakers fan and never really took to them as much as I did the Dallas Stars or Texas Rangers.  I do love Mark Cuban and think he's done a wonderful job with the franchise...BUT, coming out of the lockout Mark decided to go a different direction with the team.  Out were JJ, Butler and Stevens and worst of all...Tyson!  There isn't anyone outside of the Mavericks' front office that liked this idea (with respect to Tyson Chandler) when it happened.  The reasoning seemed to be that the new CBA penalizes teams a lot more for being over the cap and the team wanted to get under the cap to go after Deron Williams and Dwight Howard.  Now after being swept in the first round we can look at Phase I of this decision.  It was dumb.  Superman is hurt and resigned for another year.  The team really only has one aging star in Dirk and does anyone really think that Deron is excited about that?  That will be Phase II but I don't have much hope here.  The greatest center the Mavericks ever had was Chandler and he was here for a year.  He brought a defensive mindset to the team and he was a vocal leader.  Plus, by resigning him, they could have amnestied Brendan Haywood, which is an addition by subtraction.  AND...they never would have fallen for the Lamar Odom trade!  (That last part is really unfair...but it is true.)  Look, I'm hoping it works out for the little Mavericks but Mark outsmarted himself here.
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