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Posted on: April 27, 2012 2:37 pm

Tidbits - Cowboys Draft & Jesus...I mean Josh

Boy I hate the Cowboys.  Although I really don't want this blog to center on this, it does permeate the soul of my existence and will undoubtedly find it's why out at times.  So on draft day, I'm oddly fascinated by the Cowboy's pick.  Sort of like watching a traffic light malfunction and you stick around to see the car crash that will follow.  The one thing I wish for by the Cowboys is a trade because this either eliminates picks and the chance they might luck into someone or get them picks, which they will certainly use to pick-up a 3rd string kicker or a guy they like because he plays special teams.  It also eliminates them from the draft position where they spent the most time trying to figure out which guy to take.  But now I have mixed feelings.  They did exactly what I wanted but they picked a guy (Claiborne) I actually like.  Of course, I take comfort in the fact that they never talked to him prior to the draft and they are now desperately trying to trade Mike Jenkins.  Good signs that they did their homework!

Reading the local Fort Worth paper today there was an interview with Josh Hamilton where he stated that in Minnesota there was a "12-year-old kid calling you a crackhead..." and later says "These are the ones lashing at Jesus when he was on the cross."  Now, my first thought was that I'm pretty sure this 12-year-old kid wasn't alive when Jesus was nailed to the cross but maybe I'm taking the quote too literally.  I started thinking what I would do if my son heckled (lets say Ryan Braun) about his possible steroid use.  At some level I would actually be quite happy that he has the sense enough to know what's right and wrong.  Rather him heckle Braun then to praise him (apologies to Shakespeare there).  Of course, this is the same son (and father) that cheer for Josh daily so does my family support crack use but draw the line at steroids?  I guess I should be happy we draw the line somewhere.  And what of this Jesus comment?  It really seems like Josh is comparing himself to Jesus.  Now it may be true that Jesus can't launch a ball to the top of Green's Hill at the Ballpark but when looking at the complete package of His accomplishments I'm pretty sure He didn't smoke crack.  I guess what I'm saying is that if comparing yourself to Jesus helps you deal with the random crackhead comment then more power to you but maybe some of your problems (at the root level) have to do with your own self worth as a human.  Or to put it a different way, just go hit me another homer.

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